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How To Pack & Store Items You Can't Box

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Moving and Storage For Items Not Boxed

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Components Should Be Taped Together Bed frames and parts should be taped together to make transporting and stacking them easier. Furniture >Use furniture pads rather than plastic wrap to protect the furniture during transport and while in storage. Power Tools And Equipment Draining the fuel before storing them is critical. Unit Size If you’re storing a number of items that aren’t boxed, you may need a uniquely configured unit. The more you can tell us about your storage plans, the better suggestions we can offer. We’ll work with you to find the ideal unit in our network of Westchester locations. Selecting A Climate Controlled or Standard Unit Climate controlled storage units are the preferred choice for items that need to be stored in a year-round moderated temperature. We’ll discuss your storage needs to help determine if a climate controlled unit offers the best solution for you.

Packing Glasses To Reduce Breakage

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Step 1 – Begin With Sturdy Box
It’s important that the box keep its shape to help cushion your glassware.

Step 2 – Cushion The Top And Bottom Of Each Box
Use newspaper or bubble wrap to establish a protective barrier.

Step 3 – Roll Each Glass In Newsprint

  • Open the newspaper from the center
  • Place the glass in a corner
  • Start rolling the glass diagonally in a few sheets
  • Tuck in the extra paper into the top of the glass
  • Tuck the extra paper on the bottom into itself as you continue to roll the glass.

Step 4 – Use Cardboard

  • Use cardboard to create separation between the glasses
  • use cardboard to create stackable layers of glasses

Step 5 – Tape And Label The Box

  • Tape the box by running packing tape across the top and bottom opening and perpendicular to the opening seam.
  • Doing so creates a “plus” pattern
  • This strengthens the box.
  • Label the box “Glassware”.

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