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How To Pack Glasses To Prevent Breakage

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Packing Glasses To Reduce Breakage

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Step 1 – Begin With Sturdy BoxIt’s important that the box keep its shape to help cushion your glassware. Step 2 – Cushion The Top And Bottom Of Each BoxUse newspaper or bubble wrap to establish a protective barrier. Step 3 – Roll Each Glass In Newsprint
  • Place the glass in a corner
  • Start rolling the glass diagonally in a few sheets
  • Tuck the extra paper on the bottom into itself as you continue to roll the glass.
Step 4 – Use Cardboard
  • Use cardboard to create separation between the glasses
  • use cardboard to create stackable layers of glasses
Step 5 – Tape And Label The Box
  • Tape the box by running packing tape across the top and bottom opening and perpendicular to the opening seam.
  • This strengthens the box.
  • Label the box “Glassware”


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