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How To Pack, Transport & Preserve Wine In Storage

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Packing Transporting And Preserving Your Wine

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Step 1 – Storing BottlesBottles should be stored on their sides to prevent the cork from drying out. Step 2 – Boxing And Crating>Use newspaper or bubble wrap to create a base at the bottom, top and between bottles to cushion them. Step 3 – Packing
  • Use packing material between each bottle to cushion them.
  • Run packing tape across the top and bottom opening and perpendicular to the opening seam.
  • This “plus” pattern you’re creating helps strengthen the box
  • The final step is to label the box “fragile wine”.
Step 4 – Climate Controlled Temperature fluctuations negatively affect wine, damaging the cork and its ability to prevent oxidation. So, it’s very important that temperatures inside the unit remain consistent throughout the year. Climate controlled storage provides the ideal storage conditions. Step 5 – DarknessWine can age prematurely when exposed to light. Climate controlled units are interior storage units with no direct light.


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